The Footbridge

The Footbridge of common osier (Salix viminalis) was planned by the architects Ferdinand Ludwig and Oliver Storz as well as the sculptor Cornelius Hackenbracht and arranged on a meadow in April 2005.

The construction contains of 64 horizontal and 16 diagonal columns, built of 12 to 15 plants each. The colums-structure carries a 2,5 meter high walkable surface and holds a stainless stell tube, serving handrails. With regular distanced plant-columns and the 22 meter surface area made of steal gratings, a space, which is detached from the ground, occures. It can be entered by ledders on two stop ridges.

The willow genus Salix viminalis, because it possesses a high ability to regenerate and to root into the ground independently. Therefore the footbridge does not possess a foundation in the usual sense of the word. The vegetable supporting structure absorbs all the load exclusively and redirects it into the ground where the structure is anchored by its roots.

The Foodbridge stands on the site of the project "Neue Kunst am Ried" by the artists Cornelius und Susanne Hackenbracht.

Design and realization: Ferdinand Ludwig and Oliver Storz

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