IZKT Exhibition: Baubotanik concepts – sustainable strategies for urban development

Exhibition | Date: 05.-18.10.2012 | Foyer K1 Uni Stuttgart - citycenter | Institutes: IZKT and IGMA | Concept: Dr.-Ing. Ferdinand Ludwig, Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Schönle | Graphic: Andreas Desuki | Assistance: Andreas Ernst | Photos: Moritz Bellers

Vernissage / Opening day
Vernissage / Opening day


The exhibition "Baubotanik concepts - sustainable strategies for urban development" took place from 5th October to 18th October 2012 at the foyer K1 of the University of Stuttgart. Recent projects, research results and educational courses were presented. The question "How can the Baubotanik contribute to a worth living urban environment?" was focused thereby.

Another topic dealt with the consequences of a living plant construction: Baubotanik projects will never be finished so far, they will grow and develop lifelong. How can this process be described and how can it be linked with the development of cities and societies?

The exhibition did not try to give closing statements to these questions, instead it presented a range of possible solutions approaching the topic from different perspectives.





The exhibition is divided in five topics, each presenting research results, realized projects, competitions, product developments, seminars and workshops. Each topic is initiated by a short introduction or an historic review, generating a system of references.

The exhibition is a cooperation project between the Institute of Architectural Theory (IGMA) and the International Centre for Culture- and Technology-Research (IZKT) of the University of Stuttgart.

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